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Wine is universal and is enjoyed by people
all over the world. It has an ancient history, yet it is timeless.

Over the years wine has grown remarkably in popularity and also in sophistication. Long gone are the days of just red and white wine, or burgundy and chablis. Wine experiences are now virtually endless.

Today, each bottle of wine is unique, a true combination of art and science, with subtle characteristics worthy of the experience. And the variety and type of grapes used to create a bottle of wine has expanded around the globe.

Today’s winemakers are part chemist and part artist and are producing some of the most unique beverages in the world.

Are you ready?

Once you have some basic wine knowledge, the way you perceive, taste and purchase wine will change forever.

So, come on in and enrich your experience with this delicious, complex, dynamic, living beverage we call wine.

There is much to know, but it is journey well worth taking.

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