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If you are new to wine drinking and are looking for some basic, overall wine education, you've come to the right place. And if you've been enjoying wine for some time and are looking for some specific pieces of wine information you are missing, you’ve also come to the right place.

We hope you enjoy our website and deepen your understanding of wine while visiting.

Wine is universal and is enjoyed by people
all over the world. It has an ancient history, yet it is timeless.

Over the years wine has grown remarkably in popularity and also in sophistication. Long gone are the days of just red and white wine, or burgundy and chablis. Wine experiences are now virtually endless.

Today, each bottle of wine is unique, a true combination of art and science, with subtle characteristics worthy of the experience. And the variety and type of grapes used to create a bottle of wine has expanded around the globe.

Today's winemakers are part chemist and part artist and are producing some of the most unique beverages in the world.


Once you have some basic wine knowledge, the way you perceive, taste and purchase wine will change forever.

So, come on in and enrich your experience with this delicious, complex, dynamic, living beverage we call wine.

There is much to know, but it is journey well worth taking.

Please check back often, we are adding new wine information all the time.

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"Wine to me is passion. It's family and friends. It's warmth of heart and generosity of spirit. Wine is art. It's culture. It's the essence of civilization and the art of living."

Robert Mondavi, "Harvests Of Joy," Autobiography
(1913 - 2008)

Table of Contents

Understanding Different Types of Wines
What are the different types of wines? What characteristics distinguish certain wine types from others?
Explore The History Of Wine
Take a brief journey through the history of wine throughout the world.
Find Wine Definitions Here
These wine definitions and wine terms will make you an expert at understanding wine. Use these wine descriptions next time you're wine tasting.
Learn Proper Wine Etiquette
Proper wine etiquette will make all your wine experiences more enjoyable.
Complete Wine Tasting Guide
Get all the wine tasting education you need with this comprehensive wine tasting guide.
Does Wine Serving Temperature Really Matter?
Wine serving temperature will effect your wine experience. Find out what the correct wine serving temperatures are for all wine types.
Appropriate Food Wine Pairings Make Both Better
Learn about food wine pairings. Wine food pairing is more art than science, but carefully chosen wine food pairing will enhance your next meal.
Mimosa Drink Recipe
A delicious mimosa drink recipe for your special occasion!
How Is Wine Made?
How is wine made? Find out how to make wine. Our wine making information will show you the steps wineries take and how you can make wine at home.
How To Make Homemade Wine
Learn how to make homemade wine using this homemade wine recipe.
Know The Proper Wine Storage Steps
Proper wine storage will maintain the quality of your wine. Learn about home wine storage and how to store wine.
Wine Storage Temperature
Wine storage temperature is very important. Find out how storage temperatures effect the quality of your wine.
An Under Stairs Wine Cellar You Can Build Yourself
Follow these step by step instruction for your own under stairs wine cellar
Know Types Of Wine Glasses
Find out which types of wine glasses you should own and why all wine glass shapes are important.
Find California Wine Gifts Here. We've done the research for you.
California wine gifts and other wine related gifts are an excellent choice for the wine lover in your life. Here are several suggestions for wine gifts broken into categories.
Shop for Wine Country Baskets Here
Compare wine country baskets here. We researched some excellent selections.
Find Your Red Wine Club Here
A red wine club makes a great gift for yourself or the wine lover in your life. Of course, you can also add white wine.
California Wine Regions
Discover the different California wine regions or AVAs.
Understand Italian Wine Regions
Learn about Italian wine regions. See a map of regions.
Explore Each French Wine Valley
Learn about each French wine valley here. What type of grape is each French wine region famous for?
California Wine Country Map
Use this California wine country map to locate the wine growing regions in the state.
Red Wine Health Benefits Explained
Are there red wine health benefits? See what the expert say about health benefits of red wine.
Do Calories in Red Wine Really Count?
Find out how many calories in red wine.
Wine Without Sulfites
Is there really wine without sulfites? How it is made and where can I buy it?
Pictures Of Wine And Wineries
Please feel free to use our pictures of wine and wineries. Most all wine pictures on our site have been taken by us.
Basic Wine Knowledge Blog
Our Basic Wine Knowledge Blog will bring you new wine discoveries and anecdotes. Please subscribe here....
Wine Resources
Here are wine resources with helpful information for our visitors.
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